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We Learn Thai Chiang Mai

Our Director, Nicha, has created her own methods for teaching Thai language to foreigners, using a
combination of games, flashcards, and the textbooks that she has written.  She has developed two
versions of textbooks: the first uses English phonetic spelling, for use with students that are only
interested in learning to speak and understand the spoken word; the second textbook, uses the Thai
alphabet, and is intended for those who want to speak, read, and write the Thai language.

Whether you are interested in a short, intensive course to match your short visit to Thailand, a long-
term, in-depth course for those intending to make Thailand their permanent residence, or self-paced
individual instruction, our teaching methods and materials will ensure success.

Phone: 096-980-0126
Location: 8 Pantip Plaza 4 th Floor
Google Maps:


8 Pantip Plaza 4 th Floor,
Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 5000