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ChivaCare's mission is to promote and support people’s health through person centered care. A center for medical excellence, community, and healthier lives. ChivaCare provides integrated professional medical services together with a range of emerging evidence based therapies, including creative activities and life coaching. Select holistic therapies may contribute to recovery and well being.

ChivaCare provides treatments and therapy programs for:
• Muscle pain & office syndrome
• Degenerative musculoskeletal disease (joint, back- or hip problems)
• Post operation physical therapy
• Migraine and other neurological issues
• Parkinson / Stroke / Dementia / Alzheimer
• Counselling for people or relatives of people with medical conditions
• Our medical center builds on the success of the highly regarded Brain Clinic, founded by Medical

Director and ChivaCare co-founder, Dr. Surat Tanprawate, the Brain Clinic has grown by providing excellent service to hundreds of patients.

At the ChivaCare medical clinic location, is a store with numerous useful products addressing health and therapy needs for rehabilitation and preventive care. Our Creative Health Space offers courses, seminars and activities. The Space is available to on a preferential basis for CEC members, for meetings and activities (please enquire about the exact terms).

Phone: 096-980-0126
Location: 8 Soi 11 Sirimangkalajarn Road
T Suthep, A Muang, Chiang Mai 50200
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8 Soi 11 Sirimangkalajarn Road
T Suthep, A Muang,
Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50200