Join other businesses and organizations who are reaching the over one thousand members of the Chiang Mai Expats Club (CEC). Over 2,500 people receive emails announcing upcoming CEC events: CEC members, Chiang Mai residents, and those considering relocation to Chiang Mai.

Have your logo and a description of your organization on the CEC website Sponsor page, with your address, phone number and link to your website and/or Facebook page.

As a sponsor you may email news of activities or special offers that may be of interest to CEC members, for inclusion in the CEC e-Newsletter and/or Facebook page

Sponsor Responsibilities:

Fees (payable 6 or 12 months in advance)

  • Business Sponsor:
    Fees to be determined at the time of executing the agreement between the CEC and Sponsor.
  • Community Sponsor:
    Two-hundred and fifty (250) baht/month

Sponsor Agreement:
Complete a Sponsor Agreement with ​an option to renew every 6 or 12 month.

Membership of CEC
One person in the organization must be a CEC member and will serve as the prime contact with the club. The cost is 1,000 baht for lifetime membership, which is non-transferrable. Life membership will be in the name of the Business or Community service.

Benefits of sponsorship include the ability to:


  • place promotional literature on the Sponsor table in the Foyer at General Meetings and on the Sponsor table at Breakfast Club’
  • announce special events at the General Meetings if you have prior approval from the Sponsor Manager.
  • advertise special promotions on the CEC Facebook page and/or the website.
  • promote special events as part of the regular email newsletter CEC sends to its subscribers announcing upcoming CEC meetings.
  • arrange with the Sponsor Manager, for the meeting venue to provide a space in the foyer at General Meetings for your group. This will include a table and chairs where Sponsors may display promotional literature and/or provide services to the CEC members. The available space is limited so contact the Sponsor Manager promptly.


  • Sponsors are responsible for the legality of products, services and/or activities provided to the CEC. CEC assumes no responsibility for any products, services or activities provided by sponsors.
  • Sponsors may display their products and/or services but may not sell these products, services and/or activities at club meetings without prior approval of the CEC Sponsor Manager, obtained in writing one week in advance of the meeting.
  • The Sponsor shall not seek business by claiming their organization as an official representative or spokesperson for CEC. However, the Sponsor is encouraged to add to their brochures, website, etc. that they are a proud sponsor of the CEC.
  • Sponsors may not regard themselves as holding a promotional monopoly in any venue.
  • Sponsors will not promote more than two products/services per agreement.
  • Changes may be made in the course of the contract period with mutual agreement of the Sponsor and the Sponsor Manager.

Download our sponsor agreements