Our Mission

The purpose of Chiang Mai Expats Club or ‘CEC’ is to help members expand friendships and improve their quality of life. The CEC is a non-profit social organization operating under an all-volunteer Board with the theme of “Expats Helping Expats” to reside safely and legally in Thailand and to facilitate adapting and understanding the local customs and traditions.

We aim to assist expats who are new to Thailand to adapt to this wonderful country. The language is by no means an easy language to master, and is quite different from our native tongues. The laws of the country are new as are many of the Kingdom’s customs. CEC will seek to educate its members through programs at the General Meetings; through events of the Outside Group Activities; on-line publications; and, in the careful selection of our Business and Community Sponsors as well as Advertisers who can provide needed products and services.

CEC will look to both the Thai and expat community for the assistance of Immigration officials, law enforcement officials, medical providers, insurance providers, educators, realtors, building contractors, bankers and business owners to help our members make a smooth transition into their new life in Chiang Mai. We will also look to the local, and very active, cultural and non-profit community to help us gain an appreciation of the history, culture and needs of the local peoples.

We strive to engage our members with informative and entertaining programs and activities after they settle into their new life in Chiang Mai, so they can expand friendships and help newcomers to benefit with their experience.

In short, the CEC is “expats helping expats” — in service to both the expatriate and local community.

General Meetings

At our General Meetings each month and by working with our business Sponsors, we strive to ease you into Chiang Mai life by liaising with immigration and law enforcement officials, medical and insurance providers, business and property services and more.

Friday Breakfast Club

You can make new friends and chat about local life with other expats at the informal Coffee Mornings. No program or agenda – just a chance to enjoy a buffet brunch and chat in a casual setting. We always have several CEC Board members ready to welcome newcomers.

Outside Group Activities

Our Outside Group Activities, OGAs, or clubs-within-a-club, are a great way to meet others with similar interests or take up a new hobby. Most are small groups, so it’s easy to make new friends. If you don’t see an OGA for your special interest, just contact us. It’s easy to start your own OGA!

See us in action